Lavita Raynor (murdahmami) wrote in we_be_thuggin,
Lavita Raynor

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Niggaz know the name, bitchez know the name... V-I-T-A...

Ay yo trip. Hahaha, I'm blacker than Charli (she's only half, which makes her only half-thug... haha, just playin'), and I'm harder and blacker than Ashanti (I mean come on, I spit...she does all that soft singin' bullshit, right? ha)...
And since all the rest of the chicks up in here are white girls, I proclaim myself... the blackest bitch! Mwahahah!

"Who dat bitch be, bitch be... VITA, VITA, VITA!" ;)

So anyway... what up yall?
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