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We Be Thuggin's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
We Be Thuggin

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[11 Apr 2003|11:47pm]

[ mood | thuggin' ]

What's up thugs? I thought this community needed a post.

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[03 Sep 2002|01:34am]

[ mood | amused ]

HHAHA michelles_lake SANG JIMMY FALLON TO ME AHAHAHHA!!! That is so thug.

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[02 Sep 2002|04:38pm]

[ mood | ghetto ]

Holla back, youngin'. I don't think you are ready for this jelly. ;)

I try, ok.

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[30 Aug 2002|07:18pm]

Yo, wassup my homies? I be rockin' the bling bling tonight at a show, yo.

For shezzy.

Really, I try to be ghetto it just doesn't work. Can't blame a girl for trying, though.
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werd [29 Aug 2002|06:49pm]

[ mood | strugglin ]

You have to be at least a little ghetto. Don't try to enter this community being all prim and proper and fresh out of finishing school-ish. And if you happen to be added and there's not a flick of street in you, you must be loved.

Ha! I am assuming I am the latter b/c I can't be self righteous enough to think I have a little ghetto in me.

Thanks Chuck.

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Ayo! [28 Aug 2002|10:43pm]

Sup witchu all? Wazzaaaa in dis hizzouse up in hea?!! Y'all be keraazaye, know what I'm sayin? Madd luv for addin me, 'preciate it!!

(ok if I offended anyone by "talking" like that, sorry... it was just natural, or something).
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[29 Aug 2002|12:18am]

[ mood | predatory ]

You don't
Wanna fuck wit' Shady.
'Cause Shady
Will fuckin' kill you.

All you fucks who're convinced I'm getting' all soft just 'cause two or three tracks on my last album made you fucking whiny bitches cry can fucking blow me.

I'ma off all of your asses right fucking now. *jumps around* C'mon! C'mon! I can fucking waste your ass, I grew up in the hood, yo', so I can fight!

*runs away* C'mon! I'm still tough! Bitch, ho, slut, cunt, fucking try 'n' fuck wit' me fucking pussy. I'll kill you! Kill you!

Just give me five minutes-ta get on the phone wit' thehitman, then your ass is as good as dead. *pulls out phone and crosses eyes*

Aight, aight. I'm done entertainin' myself.

Now who wants-ta entertain me?

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[28 Aug 2002|11:11pm]

[ mood | thuggish ]

Haha I'm in we_be_thuggin and I can't speak a word of thug.

Except Word.

and Ghetto Whore.

And Apeshit, if that counts.

Yeah. But I'll survive, really I will... just have pity on my poort, un-thuggish ass.

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[28 Aug 2002|10:42pm]

whatchutalkinbout foo, you know i be thuggin. all dem american idol kids are my bitches.
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[28 Aug 2002|06:51pm]

I been ghetto fo' some a y'all been born. Shit, yo.

I'm down.
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Niggaz know the name, bitchez know the name... V-I-T-A... [28 Aug 2002|02:02pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Ay yo trip. Hahaha, I'm blacker than Charli (she's only half, which makes her only half-thug... haha, just playin'), and I'm harder and blacker than Ashanti (I mean come on, I spit...she does all that soft singin' bullshit, right? ha)...
And since all the rest of the chicks up in here are white girls, I proclaim myself... the blackest bitch! Mwahahah!

"Who dat bitch be, bitch be... VITA, VITA, VITA!" ;)

So anyway... what up yall?

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[28 Aug 2002|01:09pm]

[ mood | ghetto ]

wut ^ kidz! ya so lyk i be thuggin' fo sheezy. i iz one down azz bytch, so u all betta recoginyz.

1 luv playaz

peace out

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[28 Aug 2002|09:35am]

big booty bitches, they talk a lot of shit
bend that ass over let me hit it from the back
hit it from the back hit it from the back
hit it from the back hit it from the back

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[28 Aug 2002|09:25am]

wut up in dis piece right here. dis community is the bomb, yo. mad props to my girl from murder inc for making dis community.
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WORD. [28 Aug 2002|09:40am]

[ mood | gangsta ]

i'm not a playa, i just crush a lot. ;)

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[28 Aug 2002|02:54am]

[ mood | amused ]

Ahaha, this is fucking funny for realz.

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Admin Shit -- Read Please [28 Aug 2002|02:49am]

[ mood | busy ]

Admin-ish shit for we_be_thuggin

Okay just so there's a basic list of people who we have here already, this is the list of people who were added and didn't (surprisingly) leave. Yet. In alphabetical order.

Now, here's the deal. If you don't want to be in the community, you can leave, but please take the time to leave a comment or an email letting me know you left the community so that I don't think I accidently deleted you from it. If you'd like to be a reccer, give me some good suggestions like Maria or Coby did and I'll consider it. That's all for tonight, stay thug. :-*
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[28 Aug 2002|01:47am]

[ mood | white ]

I'm too white for this community.

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[28 Aug 2002|01:09am]

werd, foo'
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[28 Aug 2002|01:06am]

I'm just a little thuggin, right? I mean- radio come on, I lay that rap shit down like no tomarrow. Props to my numba one G Chuck for adden me yo, you feel me?
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