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we_be_thuggin's Journal

We Be Thuggin
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This is a community that chuck_b just randomly made up one night. It's basically a place for all of you down ass motherfuckers to come together and talk ebonics and talk about bustin' caps in ones ass without being mocked by the eloquent. *raises a fist like the black history teacher in how high* malcom x!


1) You have to be at least a little ghetto. Don't try to enter this community being all prim and proper and fresh out of finishing school-ish. And if you happen to be added and there's not a flick of street in you, you must be loved.

2) There will be no talk of racisim in this community. If I see any of it, I will remove your ass from the community so fast your head will spin, believe that.

3) This LJ community is for celebrities only. Unless it's Brie. In that case there will be an exception, but I'm biased. Sue me.

4) Your journal must have either the MBP or 54 disclaimer in it. I will check before adding people, so don't be lazy about it.

5) This is, like many of the others, a closed community. It's not a popularity contest though, so if you want in, contact the maintainer, chuck_b. Ask and ye shall recieve, as long as you've been around at least a week and have updated five times.

Warning; Do not attempt to join if you are a part of pop_stars_anon, you'll be declined.

In Association with: must_be_pop, studio_54, bitchesareborn, heartbreakers, must_be_gay and of course, fuckery